Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Karma. No no, i am not going to write anything about karma in this post. It is just a title for this entry and it is a word that obviously stand out on my shirt. Recently i have been feeling a tiny little stressed. I feel massively blessed to be working on some projects, but on the other hand i started to anxious when i got pressure from every work's deadline. That is why i had no time to update my blog for these past two months. 
Speaking about outfit, as you can see, lately i have become a huge fan of black and white pieces of any outfit. You have been through this blogging journey with me for years and you must be know that there was a slight transformation of my daily style. I can not tell you exactly why, but i just feel more comfortable with it and unconsciously my self-confident is increasing when i wear them on. It does not mean that i will not wear other tone clothes. I love vibrant colors, and i will remain play with them in some other dressing-up-times. 
Anyway i got this simple yet bold statement shirt from Infinity Cloth. Infinity Cloth is a local tee brand based in Surabaya. They have such a young vibe, unique design with catchy statement on one t-shirt. What i like about Infinity Cloth is that they provide wide range of size, second, the fabric is soft and comfy, and their product can be worn by female or male. Yup, it is unisex :)

Thanks for reading :)

Skirt - Roque
Shoes - Bellagio
Bag - Zara

♥ BM ♥

Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Happy Holiday everyone! 
I was invited to join the pre-opening lunch of Confit as a vip couple weeks ago. Confit is a new semi-fine dining class restaurant in Surabaya. Do you know or have you heard someone called Adrian Winoto? Yup, he is the Chef behind all the amazing dishes and i do not have any complains about the place, food, nor the price. Here they are some pictures of the interior that i took. 

A casual outfit with touch of green and nude tones. At first i wanted to add another radiant colors, but i was thinking maybe a softer tone would exudes more feminine and classy look. Anyway, loving the fabric and the cutting of this Leony Evelyn mini dress. The size is fit my body really well and i love the fact that its color somehow brighten up my skin color <3 

Hope the rest of your days in 2014 will be filled with joy, laughter, and happy moments. Wishing you a happy holiday and happy new year 2015! Thankyou for reading :*

Dress - LeonyEvelyn
Clutch - Vintage

Venue: CONFIT 
[Jl. Kartini no.69, Surabaya (031) 5683779]

♥ BM ♥

Friday, November 28, 2014

Greyish || 22

Here i go again with my last birthday dress that i made by my own :) (you must have already seen this outfit on my instagram if you have followed me) This was easily become one of my favourite piece during these fall months. So proud to wear it. The fabric that i picked for it is very delicate and the flare-shaped of this dress fall down gracefully.
Playing with grey palette by sewing that flowery transparent light grey textile on top of the basic dark grey fabric. The big bow on the front side and the asymmetric cutting make it looks more unique and playful. I also adore the texture and colors of this flowy dress. Somehow it exudes a softness and happy feeling. 
 Here they are, some pictures from my 22nd birthday party :)
Thankyou for reading :) see you next post!

Dress - BrigittaMonique
Shoes - Zara
Shoes (at bday pictures) - Valentino 

♥ BM ♥

Friday, November 14, 2014


Of course, that is not a pattern of kaleidoscope. However the colours are so vibrant and the luminance of those sparkling beads on white shirt slightly seems so kaleidoscopic to me. Actually I have had this top for the past six months, but i have barely worn and taken any photos of it. 
The sunny weather encouraged me to wear something shiny and beautiful to go out. So I went with this inspired by Shourouk top and paired it up with casual navy long jeans from Zara, just because i had stuff to do at my previous university and i consciously recognised that i have to dress up in more neat look. 
Thankyou for reading!!

Top - inspired by Shourouk
Pants - Zara
Bag - Michael Kors
Shoes - Ysl Tribute

♥ BM ♥

Friday, October 03, 2014

Metallic Pink

Loving this casual 'DNT GV A FCK' printed shirt by ivanthony. I can see that nowadays this kind of tee is on the trend. Yeah, obviously because it is very easy to mixed with any outfits. Maybe mixing t-shirt with short denim or pants is too common for daily look, therefore i want to create such girly yet comfortable look by pairing it with one of my favourite midi skirt. 
There is something so dramatic about the skirt. I think it is the softness and also the uniqueness of the metallic pink added with the flare and stiff texture of the fabric which makes this piece beautiful and eye-catching. What do you think? :)
Just a little dose of calm and shiny colors to warm the whole day up. This color combination -white, metallic pink, nude, and gold- is prominent and tranquil at the same time.
Thankyou for reading :)

Top - Ivanthony
Skirt - BrigittaMonique
Clutch - Forever 21
Shoes - Guess

♥ BM ♥