Friday, April 11, 2014

Fur Vest and Gold Chain

Promise. This is my last outfit post from my UK trip, hahaha. Almost forget to post this up on blog. The faux fur mania continues! Last time i wore a faux fur jacket and lace details to create a casual-neutral look. This time i'm playing with textural similarities, restyling my favorite lace legging from Cloth inc with another faux fur vest. I find it special when simple color like light brown, gold, and black are warmly mixed together. I love it when the delicate texture of the vest covering my body gently. To complete my look, i wore that chain necklace as bracelet and paired it with leather quilted clutch. Overall, i have survived staying warm inside and comfortably walking outside during those freezing winter days there :)

See you next post! :)

Top - Giordano
Vest - Moorooah
Pants - Cloth Inc
Shoes - June and Julia
Bag - F21
Acc - Unbranded

♥ BM ♥

Thursday, April 03, 2014

Sweater Weather

Again. Still another outfit post from my last UK trip. I was in Startford-upon-avon, the hometown of the greatest English poet and writer, Shakespeare. The city is bit different from anothers, the building is quite unique, also similiar to each other, and you can feel the old British ambiance here. Lucky enough to visit Shakespeare's house and looked around those beautiful buldings. The beauty of this romantic city is truly undeniable.
Lately i love to dress casually and been wearing up more Zara and Mango pieces together. What i adore about them is they provide various ready-to-wear collections that we can choose from basic, feminine, until edgy style. 
The weather wasn't really cold and it's actually warmer than Edinburgh. Perhaps you already see on my previous post (here) that last time i wore my defense againts the cold by wearing few layers. So i thought it would be perfect to wear this Mango sweater. Even though it's from last season collection, that's still one of my fav. 
 That day i went to an old unique store and took some lovely pictures. I just can't resist to not to upload them.

Have nice day everyone :)

Top - Mango
Pants - Zara
Shoes - Steve madden
Bag - Michael Kors

♥ BM ♥

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Prints and Leather

You will always get little rain and extra wind during winter in England. Actually i don't hate winter, but i just hate the freaking cold wind. That day i wore 3 layers of clothes in order to keep me warm. However i still felt cold. I think that time Edinburgh's weather was colder than London. When we arrived, i was amazed with the ambience and the architecture there. So many beautiful places that i adore. I bet you will love the city as well when you stay there.
That day i just wanted to wear something simple and neutral. Then i decided to wear that dark blue GAP sweater, unbranded prints cardigan, then mixed it with Zara leather pants and my timeless black coat from Next. Anyway just scroll down :)

You can see from the photos below, that the city has very classic old architecture
Beautiful cemetery, Necropolis.

Thankyou for reading :)

Shirt - GAP
Cardigan - Unbranded
Pants - Zara
Coat - Next
Bag - Zara

♥ BM ♥

Friday, March 14, 2014

Casual Blue

So i'm currently having ielts preparation with my eldest sister because we're going to take our Master degree in London. That's why we went there couple weeks ago. You must know that there's something different in this outfit post. hahaha. Yup the size of these photos aren't as large as usual. Unexpectedly that day my camera was running out of battery, then I used my dad's Samsung S4 to take those pictures of me. Actually the photo's quality isn't bad as i thought, however i just want to post it on this size in order to keep the picture stay nice and not crack.
This baby blue Kenzo sweater is perfect to wear for London's weather. And i wore the Burberry cape for covering me from the crazy wind. 
That necklace is my Balenciaga triple tour bracelet actually. I wore it as necklace because i think it won't be seen if i wear it as bracelet. Yeah i love to misapply things. hahaha. And that wedge-shoes is the most comfortable one that we brought. You's so hard to wear something like pump heels or stiletto to walk all day in London city. 
Anyway thankyou for the supporting comments at my previous post. 
See you next post, readers :)

Shirt - The Executive
Sweater - Kenzo
Coat - Burberry
Pants - Zara
Necklace (Bracelet) - Balenciaga
Shoes - Steve Madden

♥ BM ♥

Saturday, March 08, 2014


Today is supposed to be our happy moment. Yes, sometimes things do not going according to our plan.
Was it only a dream? Is this real? It's hard for me to believe that my world don't orbit around me anymore. I wonder. If we're doing the right thing, why does it hurts so much? Wish that i could show you what i'm feeling right now. 
All these times i keep pretending that i'm okay. You know i'm good at it. I've been trained for years. But i wasn't prepared enough to face this. I think it's true that being brokenhearted is like having broken ribs. On the outside it looks like nothing's wrong, but every breath hurts...
Whatever has happened, it can't be returned. And no matter what i will always care for you, even if we're not together and even if we're far far away from each other. I keep telling myself that maybe these are another big obstacles of ours, maybe the time's not right. I don't know why, but i'm still hoping. Maybe someday we'll meet again somewhere far away and we could give it another shot. someday.
Right now, for me one of the hardest parts of my life is deciding. Whether to walk away or stay still. It might be cheesy, but i believe if you're the right guy and we're meant to be...then we'll find our way back together, again. If you're not, i'm glad that i have loved and be loved by someone so precious to me once. If you read this, just do not forget your pinky promise. 

These two songs are the most played on my playlist. I can feel every single word of the lyrics and the melody is kind of reflect my feelings. Great songs. Beautiful vocals. 

♥ BM ♥